Born as a noble villa,
A country house built in the early 1800's, commissioned by a local Baron of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
It immediately recognizes the noble upper floor used in its rooms embellished with artisan flooring, some authentic Villa Liberty furniture of the villa and very rare marble baths.
Differentiated the lower floor where the cellars originally used to be, and the earth's products were worked, activities dedicated to the owner's peasants.
Now a clever and delicate complex restoration has brought this underdeveloped environment to new splendor while still livening the perception of the idea of ​​ancient ways.
There was the grape press and the wine is now a precious big candlestick, where it was the millstone for the olives and the oil now is a large "squaring" bed, where was the firing area for tomato sauces and Other earth products are now a wardrobe and adjacent to a superb suite with a rare bathtub worked in a single block in the famous "Trani stone".


The name of the villa "Favorita" refers to the concept of woman, in fact it is not difficult to perceive in almost every environment the strong idea of ​​a "dedication" that the buyer / owner wanted to make to the "Favored Woman", probably an ideal Of woman. In fact it seems that the Baron never wanted to marry although he loved to surround beautiful women.
Three stylized effigies of women's faces decorate a wall of the villa's wall and in three places also the precious facade of tuff-style Liberty. It is hidden between the various works of art ornamenting the villa in a niche at the base of a semi-helical staircase is placed a sicilian feminine statue of 600 'reproducing in marble that ideal of "favorita woman".